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Christina Bonnett

Christina Bonnett

Artist's Profile

Christina Bonnett

Training: Wimbledon School of Art, Private Printmaking courses, Life.

Exhibitions, Shows and Events:
Christina has shown her work in solo exhibitions in London, Devon and locations in Portugal and France. She has participated extensively in joint exhibitions and Gallery events.
She has also been involved several ‘open studio’ events.

Her work is in private collections in London, and around the UK, and as far as New York, Houston, Sydney, Paris, Lisbon and Barcelona.

More details can be found on her website, christinabonnett.com

Artist's Statement

I have been passionate about painting and drawing ever since I can remember. It is where I start whatever I want to make, whether it’s a practical solution for organising things or a major design project, such as my garden.

All of my artworks begin with my surroundings or events and responding to them. It’s an emotional response that makes me want to capture that moment or mood. The response makes me look harder and keep looking. Sometimes I make a record then and there – either by sketching, making a detailed drawing, making notes, taking a photograph or all of those things.

When a feeling stays with me it surfaces again later and out comes a piece that is related to those feelings.

Sometimes the medium will trigger the inspiration. I use many different media and methods including printmaking and painting. Oil, Watercolour, Acrylic and various drawing tools are all exciting to me.

My surroundings vary, the mood varies, I vary – nothing stays the same – and so it is with the works I create.