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Caroline Lewis

Caroline Lewis

Artist's Profile

From an artistic background, Caroline was encouraged with her artistic abilities. From her early teens to early 30's she designed and made her own needlework, taught adult classes, which included all aspects of needlework, needlepoint, cross-stitch, silk and crewel embroidery often acting as judge in many needlework events. Caroline also designed needlework patterns for companies in the USA.

Following an operation on her wrists in 1997, she was advised to divert her talents to paper and canvas, since then she has become a successful water colourist artist who exhibits in 'open' events throughout the UK including Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Kent, Hampshire, the South west and Wales, where she now lives, supporting two local art groups including Pembrokeshire Art Associates.

Caroline is also a member of the Pilton Art Group (Barnstaple), Bromley Art Society (Kent), St Andrews Art Group (Bristol) supporting them through their exhibitions, she also recently became a member of North Devon Arts.

Caroline also works with acrylic, pastel, line and wash, pen and ink and often combines them to work in mixed media. She has had some of her paintings published in the Society of All Artists “Paint” magazine.

Caroline's work can be found in collections in the UK, Russia, South Africa, Europe and the USA, these are from exhibitions and commissions undertaken with joy. One key exhibition is the annual exhibition by St Gemmas Hospice in Leeds which has been quite successful fundraiser both for the Hospice and the artists involved in participating in such a worthy cause.

Landseer, Constable, Degas, the illustrator Norman Rockwell have given inspiration, along with the present day David Shepherd and Peter Cronin to name a few.

Caroline's style is representational and on occasions she has successfully combined abstract into her paintings; above all Caroline loves to paint and considers a sale a “magical bonus”.