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Eric Blight

Eric Blight
Phone:01237 475307
Eric Blight

Artist's Statement

It has a been argued that Digital Art is not really art since it is computer generated. However it is now widely accepted as art since it involves creativity and the knowledge of design and art principles as in other art forms.


For the past eight years I have studied the Dutch artist Vermeer, for his use of perspective, light and shade. Which I do my best hopefully to learn from.


The tools I work with are a 27” Mac Computer with a graphics tablet and software which provides me with brushes to paint with using an extensive colour palette.


For printing I use the best Hahnemule genuine art paper together with Canon inks. Only two pictures are printed, one for myself and the other for sale, the image file is then deleted from the computer so that it can never be repeated.


I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy the hours of pleasure that they give me.



Commissions are considered.