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Robert Barker

Robert Barker

Artist's Statement

Bob Barker, Bsc, Ph.D
At heart I'm an environmentalist, someone who dreams of shooting that one perfect photograph that finally shows the world the “way it is”, and thus change the world forever (ambitious ha!). I was a park ranger for many years, although trained as a research biologist originally and therefore have a passion for all things nature. I'd like to think that I've developed a connection to the Devon landscape, that I've inhabited since my teens but admittedly I tend to stick to those more pristine areas, untouched and unspoiled, when I can find them that is. After a long absence from photography, it is now my primary excuse to go tramping the countryside looking for that inspirational shot. Most often found having climbed down to an isolated bay on the coast somewhere or in some little known river valley looking for that perfect view point and then being disappointed by the fact that I actually forgot to bring the camera. I'm a searcher by nature.
While I have an interest in all types of photography, using both traditional film and the new state of the art digital technologies, and switching between colour and monochrome at will. I am however, happiest pushing the digital negative to its extremes. Trying to work out just how far it will stretch and how far I can go before people refuse to accept that it is a photographic image. Although this probably says more about me and my nature than it does about them, my images are often somewhere in the middle land, not this nor that.
I've been selling my work for several years now, exhibiting in galleries and at exhibitions where I can, I have work in the Loughrigg gallery in South Molton and the Arts and Crafts centre at Lynton and exhibit annually at the National Parks Pavilions centre in Lynmouth.