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Edward Crumpton

Address: Russell Cottage, Derrington, Swimbridge, Nr Barnstaple, N.Devon, EX32 0QG.

Artist's Profile

Edward  Crumpton

Edward Crumpton was born in North Devon in 1986 and studied at West Buckland School. He completed 6th Form at West Buckland in 2005 and travelled to the University of Lincoln to study Fine Art. The three years taught him how to contextualise his work in relation to other artists whose interests lay in landscape and taking journeys. Edward accomplished his degree with a 1st Class Honours Bachelor of Fine Art.

Artist's Statement

Edward Crumpton lives and works in North Devon. Edward studied Fine Art at the University of Lincoln and it was here that he began to develop his practice around landscape, the nature of the journey and how these journeys connect the human with the environment. Edward is particularly interested in how people have interacted historically with the environment, how the landscape is marked by the physical traces of human existence and how the oral tradition evidences their passage.
Edward’s work begins with a direct engagement with the landscape usually in the form of a walk. On this walk he creates sketches, often in pen and ink, takes photographs and uses other forms of mark making to record the event. This material then forms the basis for his studio practice that translates his experiences into sculptures, worked canvases and art installations.