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7 Daffodils on a pale citrus groundEx-sketchbook study (1981 Feb 5), Trees against blue skyGirl at a windowModel looking over right shoulder in red basquePortrait of a Palestinian girl, Jan 2013Richard's gazeSweetpeas with a buddleia spray in a yellow jug

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Richard Meyer

Richard Meyer
Richard Meyer

Artist's Statement

My first mentor was Sir Peter Scott, founder of the World Wildlife Fund and great wildlife artist, when I went to work for him at The Wildfowl Trust, Slimbridge when I was 19. I worked in conservation for many years, mainly concerned with breeding endangered species, subsidising this work by writing and illustrating books before gaining a doctorate at Glasgow University for my research on the ecology of the Cornish Chough in West Wales in preparation for its re-establishment in Cornwall. I then qualified as a Primary teacher and also did FE lecturing.

Becoming very disillusioned with the politics in conservation, I turned back to a youthful passion for fine art and painting having always maintained my connection with wildlife artists such as Philip Rickman and Keith Shackleton. Nowadays I avoid animals although references lurk in some paintings, instead becoming intrigued by the sexuality of landscape and human presence within it, leading on to figure work and portraiture alongside landscape, and their natural combination although Id maintain that painting as an object is more important than subject matter.