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Carol Mackenzie Gale

Carol Mackenzie Gale

Artist's Profile

Carol Mackenzie Gale

After a degree in Textile Design at West Surrey College of Art and Design, I won many design awards, including The Royal Soc. Of Arts National Bursary Award (Selected as Joint Winner), S.E. Arts, Craftsperson of the Year Award, The Kaye Pemberton Award for Design and more. I took my designs to Dallas with the Crafts Council and was able to see my designs in Neiman Marcus, Dallas. I was selected as one of three designers to present a scarf design for the Texstyles Project where the Crafts Council planned to sell our designs in outlets around the world and this involved a solo exhibition at the V & A. I was involved in many London exhibitions and all in the garden was rosy. Then – we bought a special smallholding in North Devon!!
I fell in love with sheep - and pigs, our contrary Jerseys, chickens - but I adored my years of breeding and showing pedigree Texels. True happiness! But my husband, Mel, decided I was wasting my design talents and engineered the parting of my woolly friends. This led to my recent Masters at Bath Spa and Falmouth Universities.
Re-launching after my M.A. is very exciting. I am a Textile Designer and Printer of silk, working from my studio near Dolton, North Devon. I love the re-launch and reinvention of my silk designs. My scarves are my paintings and many say they would like one on their walls.

Artist's Statement

I have always loved geometry simplicity and asymmetric design.

On my M.A., I was fascinated by the art of ‘Zen’ and the work of the Japanese Masters a wonderful, inner journey where one is ‘working from the Soul Centre rather than with the eyes’. I printed ‘blind’ from sound, in meditation, mixing incompatible dyes and inks. The imagery created from the ‘Maaas’ of my sheep at my studio door and the cries of the birds astounded me, so simple. Knowing when to stop is the key. I took these designs into the computer, allowing them to fly free in another dimension.

On the long journeys, travelling to and from university, often at night I became mesmerised by the shape of the backs of road tankers, their rear lights dancing like butterflies, moving forms with the beauty of an Anish Kapoor sculpture. They even carry liquid chocolate and I am still working on ‘The Birth of Chocolate’ range of hangings! I would love to create a beautiful bespoke gown or jacket from my septic tanker range – and only I would know the source!

The bright colours of David Hockney’s paintings at the Royal Academy Exhibition inspired me to create this bespoke scarf collection; lime green with purple, orange with scarlet from his huge painting of ‘The Grand Canyon’. As one gallery owner said, "These are the designs you must have, and then you buy the outfit to go with them".