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Nigel Eveleigh

Nigel Eveleigh
Nigel Eveleigh

Artist's Statement

My ceramics are made from a variety of clays, hand built and fired to biscuit low temperature. I use a brick kiln which I built myself and which gives me some control over timing and temperature. I use sawdust and straw, oxides, and different types of hard and soft wood which are selected for their uniquely exciting and unpredictable characteristics.

My ideas are generated and influenced by social behaviour and environmental issues. I create my work to be thought provoking without being overly aggressive; with an ambiguity of discomfort or recognition on a personal or more global level.

The characteristics of clay respond to my changing moments of thought and ultimate decision, enabling me to create and inform my ideas into permanent structures.

I want my ceramics to achieve a balance of original creativity, suggestion, form and gesture. The textured markings and earthy colours create the tactile quality and warmth that complements the form. They are allowed to be fresh and ever changing, expressing their individual meaning through both my imagination and the elements of our natural environment.