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Mary Cunliffe

Mary Cunliffe
Phone:01271 858483
Address: Wick House, Week, Harracott, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3JQ.

Artist's Profile

Mary Cunliffe

I enrolled on the Foundation Course - Ceramics (part time) at North Devon School of Art 2004 and graduated in 2009 with a Distinction and an Outstanding Achievement Award - our daughters each had their degrees and it was now my turn.  I had originally been accepted on a FdA course 35 years previous and decided to put it and the ceramics on hold.

I was born in Lancashire and we came to Devon in 1987.

Artist's Statement

Rivers have historically framed our social, economic and geographical structure.  Design concepts deal with the flow of the rivers; the turbulence and hidden depths below the calm surface.  Forms create shadows and exhibit tonal qualities by their placement, ever changing in the light just as the river reflects light in its movement.

My work is slab and hand built forms in stoneware clay.  The finishes are naked clay, smoke fired or raku and more recently, experiments with glaze.