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John Hurford

John Hurford
Phone:01769 581844

Artist's Profile

John Hurford

I am a self taught artist, born on a farm in North Devon in 1948.  I have worked as a farmer all my life, but I painted in my spare time.  In the late sixties I was one of the leading psychedelic painters, with my work appearing in Oz, IT and Gandalf’s Garden magazine.  I then illustrated children’s books for publishers in UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Africa (over 40 titles).
My paintings were exhibited in France, UK, and New Zealand.
Five years ago I became a full time painter and turned part of my house into a gallery.  I had several exhibitions there and also in Exeter and at The Burton Gallery in Bideford, where I now live.
With renewed interest in Psychedelic art, I have had work exhibited in the Whitney in New York, Tate Liverpool, and my early work is in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
There is a book about me: Johnny, the work of Psychedelic artist John Hurford written by Jonathan Hill, published by Sunrise Press, which covers my work from the sixties until 2006.

Artist's Statement

My influence has always been the flora, fauna and landscape of the North Devon area, particularly the area where I farmed.  In the late sixties I started working in coloured inks, then explored oils, watercolours, acrylics, coloured pencils, pen and ink, and pencil.  Now I work mostly in acrylics on canvas, linen, paper or wood and my subject matter has begun to include garden flowers (for a recent commission).  I paint portraits (people and flowers) as well as some more fantasy subjects.