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Angela Read

Phone:01598 752548
Address: Ragstone, Barbrook, Lynton, Devon, EX35 6LN.

Artist's Profile

Angela Read

Angela Read Studied at UWE, Bristol & North Devon College.

Artist's Statement

Angela’s artistic practise involves embellishment and adornment.  Her 3D works are derived from line drawings featuring a repetitive motif.  Her line drawings have a density that lends them a textural quality.  She regards drawing as a means of escapism and an aid to thought processes, she also uses it to disfigure or conceal.
She works with the theme of desire and ideas Freudian, in the context of anxiety, loss and control.
Her working methods involve ways of manipulating materials.  She prefers where possible to use the throwaway object, life's detritus.  Fruit skins and peels are particularly apt in that Angela finds them to be stand ins for human skin.  They age, shrivel and rot, they are also manipulable albeit in an unpredictable way.