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Carol Neve

Carol Neve
Phone:01271 371990

Artist's Profile

Carol Neve

A lifetime of drawing practice and brief classes in oil painting led to selling originals and prints in the USA when Carol lived there for nearly four years.  Retirement from a career in physiotherapy provided the opportunity to concentrate on her love of painting and develop her portfolio.  Attending various workshops and classes has helped to broaden her knowledge and extend her skills to produce work for local exhibitions, participate in Art Trek and work to commission.  Being a member of Pilton Arts Group and North Devon Arts has enabled her to network with fellow artists and grow in confidence.

Artist's Statement

Carol’s paintings feature the natural world inspired by the effect of sunlight, shadows and reflections.  Wet in wet watercolour, acrylic, and oils are the favoured mediums with the choice of medium being determined by the subject matter whilst aiming to blend traditional style with a looser interpretation.