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Keith Elliott

Keith Elliott
Phone:01509 211656
Address: All Saints Vicarage, Thorpe Acre, Loughborough, LE11 4LF.

Artist's Profile

Keith Elliott

Keith Elliott is a self taught artist and has exhibited widely, in North Devon, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Work has also been exhibited in Auckland, Hamilton and Dunedin, New Zealand.  Some of his recent work can be purchased from the Edge Gallery in Keswick Cumbria.

I have been working on a body of work exploring the concepts of the creative journey through the emergence of environment to the disintegration of space. Process and completion, renewal and stillness are expressed  through the juxtaposition of landscape and abstract.  Keith has  painted for most of his life and is increasingly fascinated by colour, texture and movement, bringing a variety of mediums together.  He would like to give thanks to fellow artists who have mentored and encouraged him.

He was born in  the north west of England in Carlisle and has lived in Birmingham, London and latterly North Devon before moving to Leicestershire . In his art he seeks to explore  and communicate human emotions in a variety of images, continually being stimulated by the ever-changing landscapes and skyscapes of our rich and varied countryside.

Keith’s work is sought after by many who are seeking an abstract interpretation of our changing environment. He often deliberately withholds the titles of each piece of work  because he wants you the viewer to engage in the process and name what you feel and see.  Keith believes that art is something that should not only be seen but must evoke a response from deep within! There is no right or wrong, it’s about the now, this moment in time and space. The artist paints because that’s what they do but art is about you and what you see and are drawn to.