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Emily Clark


Artist's Profile

Emily  Clark

2008 - Exhibition, New Year New Work at Broomhill Sculpture Gardens, Barnstable

2007 Chosen with three other artists to exhibit in 'phoenix|too', curated by the Phoenix Gallery, Exeter, at the Red House, June-September.  Revised my website and moved, at last, permanently to Devon!

2006 Return to painting. After my year's immersion in video/digital technology for my MA, I spent every other month in Devon doing what I like best - painting. 
I had a small private show in London during September ('Due West') and exhibited at galleries in Barnes and Kew.

2004-2005 MA Fine Art, Kent Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury.  My subject was the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), a species close to my heart and to my studio in North Devon.  Sparse and infrequent on the steep hedge-banks, they bear the full brunt of the Atlantic westerlies and the neglect and indifference of landowners.  They  will soon disappear.  My study took me to the Scottish Highlands, site of the ancient Caledonian forest, as well as to the National Pinetum at Bedgebury (usefully situated in Kent) and, of course, to Devon.  The work for my final show - shared with international artists from many countries (including the U.S.A., Canada, China, Puerto Rico, India, Taiwan and Egypt) - comprised a large scale pine installation, a 30-minute video programme ('Waiting for Wolves'), mounted photography and a formidable body of research and writing.  Altogether the most satisfying year of my professional life so far.

2002-2003 Professional painting, Devon and London.  In May 2003 I held my first private show - 'Horizons 2' - at the London Stark Gallery.  Most of the paintings, land and seascapes, sold and I set up my own website and acquired an agent.

1999-2002 BA Fine Art (Painting), Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.  My degree show featured three 36" x 60"  canvases ('Horizons') and the subject of my Dissertation was the conceptualist and film-maker, Tacita Dean.

1998-1999 BTEC Foundation Course in Art & Design, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.  Three distinctions and three merits for BTEC Modules.

Artist's Statement

I love my country, that is to say its natural constituents: land, coasts, skies, seas and, of course, its incomparable fauna and flora.  The poet Edward Thomas - one among so many - laid down his life for it.  But the subject of this love is, of course, disappearing, piece by piece, species by species.  And yet physical destruction is not the only concern.  The danger in a world so materially distracted, so vicarious (occupied as I so often am myself, for example, in the alternative reality of an Apple computer) is that we are not sufficiently 'out there'.  We no longer live or look upon the world as we should.  And while this sentiment is hardly new it is still a matter of increasing urgency.  I paint because I have to, and also for kindred spirits, patriots in kind.