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This is the page about special interest groups within NDA.

The Broomhill Group (North Devon Arts Writers and Poets)
The Broomhill Group was formed early in 2011.

While North Devon Arts usually has two speakers a year for those of us who love the art of words, we felt a need to get together and support each other on a monthly basis.

We are intentionally a small group, with a maximum of seven or eight members, as this enables us to give each other time at our meetings.

The Broomhill Group took part in last year’s Appledore Fringe Poetry Event, and aim to do so again, with equal success, this year. We hosted an ‘Evening with Words’ at Broomhill in November 2011 which was well attended and enjoyed.

Members of The Broomhill Group have different styles and approaches to writing, which lends our meetings an energy and sense of fun, though our main aim is to give each other’s work our full and serious attention.

For more information please contact  Jann Wirtz.