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Sandra Maynard

Phone:01237 452456
Address: The Studio, Southcott, Parkham Ash, EX39 5PS.
Sandra Maynard

I create abstract paintings on canvas using oil point and organic matter. Also gouaches on paper. 

I am inspired by nature, colour, light and dark; the glimpse of a landscape in a pebble or stone wall, cellular forms, clouds and dreams. The preparation of my hand stretched canvas is a five day process – primer applied and when dry rubbed down until I have the most velvety surface. I use oil paints, mainly, mixed with whatever recipe I am exploring at that moment. Sometimes organic matter may be added. I have no idea how the work will evolve. But begin I do and sometimes I may succeed in creating order from the chaos. 

Open 11 to 4 all weekends and Mon 25th May, Wed 27th May, Wed 3rd June